Are You Ready For Winter? Now Is The Perfect Time To Inspect Your Automatic Waterer

automatic waterer winter checklist

Is your automatic waterer ready for the winter? We’ve put together a checklist all Nelson Automatic Waterer owners should go through prior to frigid weather arriving. As always, if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

Before you begin:

  • Always TURN OFF electricity when servicing waterer to eliminate risk of electrocution.
  • Inspect ALL waterers even if not in use.

Safety Inspection Checklist

Click here to download the Series 700 Maintenance Guide to assist with your pre-winter inspection.

  1. Empty and clean drinking bowl and inspect inside of the waterer for anything unusual – loose screws, frayed wiring, etc. This should be done daily as a matter of routine. It takes just a few seconds. If drinking bowl is really dirty, clean with a combination of white vinegar and water.
  2. Clean underneath drinking bowl BEFORE freezing temperatures occur and heaters turn on. Mice have been known to build nests in this area. Remove top cover and drinking bowl. Examine area under cross beam and around heater for debris. A wet/dry vacuum works well for cleaning this area.
  3. AT ALL TIMES the drinking bowl should be in waterer and top cover latched. (unless farm personnel are cleaning or maintaining waterers. ) Make sure top cover securely latches to waterer. If no, call factory for assistance.
  4. Examine electric heater and wiring. In cold weather the heater cycles on and off. It is normal for the heater to get very hot (red hot). Verify heater and thermostat are in place and secure. Tighten loose screws and nuts throughout waterer. Inspect electrical wires for wear. Make sure area around heater is free of hay or other debris. Maintenance Guide provides instructions for testing heater and thermostat. Replace components if necessary.
  5. Seal Air Gaps (see illustration below) if air gaps are small, use all-weather sealant/caulk on outside of housing. If air gaps are large, call factory for assistance.
  6. Inspect control valve and filter. Observe waterer refilling. If rate of flow is slower than normal, filter may need to be cleaned or replaced. If water does not shut-off completely and drips, both filter and control valve may need to be cleaned and replaced.
  7. Inspect brass pivot shaft which is located through the pivot beam and secured in place at each end by cotter pins. Replace the brass pivot shaft if the shaft if worn or grooved.
  8. Turn off power to waterers after Winter season. Waterers should be on dedicated circuits.

Not Using your Waterer?

Energy-Saving Thermal Caps For Waterers Not In Use
– Fits all 700 Series Waterers
– Stainless Steel with urethane insulation underside
– Saves energy
– Helps keep water clean

Click here to learn more

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