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Nelson 700 Series (All Models 700 & 760) Horse & Livestock Waterers

Introduction – Nelson 700 Series Automatic Waterers

The purpose of this video is to provide you with the knowledge to properly maintain you Nelson 700 series waterers. The first part of this video should be required viewing for all people at your facility who interact with the waterers.

If you have a larger facility incorporate the video into a formal employee training program. A strong understanding of the equipment will help employees efficiently keep your waterers in top condition. If you are contracting a plumber to work on the waterers, strongly encourage them to watch this video. I will save them time and you money. In addition, they will do the job right.

Its good management to keep the records of maintenance performed on individual waterers. Note the date filters are cleaned and parts are replaced. Keeping a history will help you anticipate future maintenance activities and allow the factory to better assist you if necessary.

Call Nelson Manufacturing Company to obtain maintenance advice or to order parts or automatic waterers or any of Nelson’s products. Visit our internet site and click customer service on the main menu to obtain parts list, maintenance guides and installation instructions. Replacement parts can also be ordered online.