Model 50203 Dog Water Bucket Heater

Water Bucket Heater 50203 Features

Easy-to-assemble bucket heater kit keeps dogs’ water ice-free all winter long. You obtain the conduit pipe and we furnish the rest.

Consider These Features:

    • Prevents freezing in sub-zero temperatures.
    • For use in all types of buckets – metal, plastic, rubber – up to 5 gallon capacity.
    • Thermostatically controlled heater costs just pennies a day to operate.
    • Conduit pipe:
      1. Protects cord from chewing.
      2. Prevents bucket from tipping and spilling.
      3. Easily lifts with release lever, allowing you to remove the bucket for cleaning.
    • Three-Year Guarantee.

Each Kit Contains:

    • Thermostatically controlled electric heater. 200 watts @ 120 volts…keeps water at 40 – 50 F. and costs little to operate. Waterproof.
    • Heater is waterproof, sealed in epoxy.
    • Adapter for fastening heater to bottom of pipe.
    • Bushing to protect cord at top of pipe.
    • Stainless steel bracket to clamp conduit pipe to kennel pole.
    • Stainless steel “release” bracket allows conduit pipe to lift for bucket removal and cleaning.
    • Heavy-duty 12 foot cord and grounded plug.
    • The 1 1/4″ EMT conduit pipe may be purchased at home improvement centers and hardware stores.