700 Series Automatic Livestock Waterers

Always fresh clean water for your livestock with Nelson Automatic Livestock Waterers.

Choose from eight different models of livestock waterers with stainless steel or aircraft grade aluminum housings to fit your specific budget requirements.

Stainless steel drinking bowl is easily removable and lets you empty, clean and sterilize the bowl away from the cattle waterer, eliminating water spills in the stall or pasture. Convenient water shut-off when cleaning or to prevent a hot animal from drinking.

Patented, balance beam actuated water valve maintains a constant supply of fresh drinking water while the livestock drink and no troublesome floats or paddles to cause problems.

No rust stainless steel or aluminum housing keeps Nelson Automatic Livestock Waterers looking new in the stall or pasture even after years of use. Not like painted waterers that chip and rust or plastic waterers that fade and deteriorate in the sun.

Three mounting options – install tall waterers on concrete pad, mount short waterer in concrete pipe or directly to stall wall.

Optional electric heater, thermostatically controlled, provides freeze protection even in the coldest climates. Energy efficient heater and thermostat feature a three year warranty.

NEW water consumption meter displays in gallons how much water your animal is drinking from their Nelson Waterer.

All Nelson automatic livestock Waterers are fully guaranteed for one year. Heater and thermostat are warranted for three years.

Nelson 700 Series Automatic Livestock Waterers are U.S. Government Approved non-syphon and certified by two independent product safety organizations – Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association.