11 Reasons Your Dog Needs an Automatic Waterer

Did you know that:

  • A dog’s body is made up of nearly 80 percent water?
  • A dog should drink at least an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day?
  • Water aids in digestion, eliminates waste and toxins, and helps regulate your dog’s core temperature?
  • Dogs need constant access to water?
  • Dehydration of 10 percent or more can lead to severe health concerns?


As a conscientious dog owner, you know it’s critical to provide plenty of fresh water at all times. Nelson Manufacturing makes it easy for you to take care of your animals with our automatic dog waterer. If you’ve ever noticed an empty bowl, contaminated water, or frozen water, our waterer is an ideal choice for you and your canines.

Our high-quality 304 grade stainless steel bowls are designed to give you peace of mind and to provide for your dog’s health. Durable, chew proof, and long lasting, you’ll appreciate our high-grade products.

automatic dog waterer

Following are eleven great reasons to buy a dog waterer from Nelson Manufacturing. Our products:

1. Provide a constant, steady stream of clear running water. Animals prefer running water and actively seek it out. Our elegant design uses a float actuated valve to ensure that your dog never runs out of water. Whether you have a house dog, several outdoor dogs, or run a shelter or a zoo, our automatic dog waterers make your life easier and save you time. You won’t ever have to worry about your beloved animals being thirsty. And because the water is always running, it’s always fresh and pure.

2. Reduce the formation of bacteria. If you’ve ever seen a dish full of stagnant water, you know that dogs are ingesting bacteria each time they come to drink. Serratia marcescens is one such culprit. This pinkish pathogen forms from spores in the air. Unless you wash your dog’s bowl faithfully every day, you’re sure to notice this Gram-negative bacterium that sickens animals. Our dog waterers keep the water moving to prevent the build-up of bacteria. While you’ll still have to clean the bowls, daily scrub-downs are not necessary, saving you time, money, and stress.

3. Prevent dog hijinks. Dogs are wonderful, but they’re also sometimes wacky and goofy. Does your dog stand in his or her water dish? Does she dig and root around in the water bowl? Or does she chew or play with her dish? Our high-grade aluminum waterers can be mounted up and out of the way of curious canines. No more spilled water; no more tipped bowls.

4. Install easily. With pre-drilled holes and stainless steel wall plates, you can mount your dog waterer on the wall or on a fence. You may also wish to consider our optional garden hose adapter and kennel fence pole mounting brackets. Our goal is to simplify your life and protect your dog’s health. We believe all these installation options meet that goal.

5. Provide flexible design. Just as they’re easy to install, our dog waterers also allow you to hook up the water supply on the left or the right side. No need to pay expensive plumbing bills. You choose the location for the waterer; you call the shots.

6. Clean quickly and easily. Nelson has patented a unique latch release system. This allows you to quickly remove the automatic waterer for quick cleaning and sterilization. Simply shut off the brass valve, remove the bowl, clean it, and easily reattach it. (The photo below depicts the ease of cleaning the Nelson Automatic Waterer)
automatic dog waterers
7. Prevent water from freezing. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the water temperature in your dog’s automatic watering bowl. A dog cannot drink frozen water. That’s why you’ll love our beautifully designed water bucket heater. We’re so sure of its quality, we guarantee it for a full three years. It prevents freezing, even in subzero temperatures, keeping the water between 40-50 degrees at all times. You can use it in all types of containers, including rubber, plastic, and metal. And it’s economical to operate. The thermostatically controlled heater costs just pennies a day to run. It’s also safe for your animal. A security chain keeps it up and away from you dog and copper tubing prevents your animal from gnawing it or destroying it.

8. Include optional accessories. Choose from water-line shut-off valves, pole mounting brackets, and garden hose adaptors to customize where and how you install your dog waterer.

9. Guarantee satisfaction for one year. The Nelson Model 1200 automatic waterer is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and/or materials for a full 12 months. What does this mean for you? We will repair or, replace without charge, any parts found defective upon examination at the factory if returned within the guarantee period, with transportation charges prepaid.

10. Include outstanding sales and support service. Our professional staff is committed to you for as long as you own a Nelson product. Our relationship begins with the sale, but lasts for a lifetime.

11. Comply with USDA standards and U.S. Government approved non-siphoning designs. We are proud of our craftsmanship and pleased our products meet stringent standards. You won’t find this type of quality at your local pet or animal supply store. Trust Nelson Manufacturing for the highest quality products.

Now that you’re got your dog’s water needs licked, you can concentrate on his or her feeding requirements.

Like our automatic waterers, our dog feeders are constructed from durable 304 grade stainless steel. The rugged design is built to last and is virtually indestructible . . . even for the friskiest and most mischievous of canines. These feeders are the perfect companion to our automatic waterers. (Pictured below is our automatic waterer and feeder combination)

dog waterer

You can mount our dog feeder to the wall or a fence post. With this off-the-floor design, your dog can easily access his or her food, but cannot move the bowl or tip it over. This saves you cleanup time and gives you the satisfaction of knowing the food will remain in the feeder.


As with all our products, Nelson’s dog feeder is a snap to clean. Simply detach it from the wall, clean it, and return it to its place. What could be simpler?


Since 1949, Nelson Manufacturing has designed and manufactured high-quality products to enhance animal health. As an animal caregiver, our line of durable waterers, feeders, and heaters gives you long lasting, trouble-free operation. We’re rightly proud of our reputation and our craftsmanship. Please contact Nelson today for all your animal care needs.

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Horse Needs

Taking care of all your horse needs can be pricey. The 8 tips below will make you a little richer.

1.Shop Clearance Sales

  • Be a bargain hunter. There are a ton of online tack stores that have great deals. Constantly be on the lookout for deals and you will never have to pay full price again.
  • Become best friends with end of season sales, they are your friend!

2. Buy Used

  • Sometimes, tack is better if it is used because it is broken in, this especially true for really high quality tack.
  • Take care of your tack by wiping it down and cleaning it. Ensuring your tack is clean after use can make it last much longer.

3. Buy in bulk

  • Gather a group of friends together and go in on a couple of round bales of hay for a bulk discount.

4. Shop around

  • Don’t be in a rush, looking for deals may take some time and patience.
  • Before hitting checkout, check the shipping price. Shipping can often be forgotten about but can cost more than the purchase itself.

5. Invest in a Waterer

As we know time is money…No more cleaning the mud or bugs out of your horse’s water. Nelson Manufacturing’s Automatic Horse Waterer is never stagnant, so mosquitos won’t bother with it. The design also makes it a challenge for animals to get mud into the drinking supply. Save on your water bill, because you no longer have to fill water troughs weekly and dump dirty water. Your horse needs water, so it may as well be fresh.

6. Automate supplements

Items like wormer, supplements and grooming supplies can be cheaper if you can commit to ordering them every few months. You’ll never forget to order again if it becomes a routine.

7. Don’t be a brand snob.

A lot of times less expensive brands still carry good quality products. Pick quality items that will last you a good amount of time and are a price that’s in your budget.

8. Bedding

Bedding can be expensive, here are ways you can save:

When the weather is nice, maximize turnout. If you have a big enough pasture, consider leaving your horse outside during nice weather, the less your horse is in his stall the less bedding he will need.

Invest in a good manure fork:

Has your fork been bent or broken? If so, you are probably throwing out a lot of bedding with the manure. Buy a quality fork so you can get just the manure and not the clean bedding too.

Buy bedding in bulk:

Another option is to buy bedding in bulk because it’s a cheaper way to do it.

Buying in bulk seems to be a huge way to save money, so find some horse buddies that you can split the cost of horse supplies with. Automating watering will also save you time and money because you won’t have as much wasted water and will no longer have to fill buckets or troughs as often.

If you have a question about which waterer would fit your horse best, contact us today!

Horse Care Tips: Beat the Heat With Your Horse

Summer Horse Care TipsWhen you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill


As a horse owner, you appreciate the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures. You also know horses require special care. As temps outside begin to climb, you need to keep in mind a few precautions about your lovely animal.


The internal temperature for a horse averages between 99-101 Fahrenheit. However, depending on environmental factors, that temperature may range +/- 3 degrees. Make sure you know your horse’s baseline temperature. Our horse care tips will help you get through the summer.


A horse’s body is made up of nearly 70 percent water. Most horses drink between five and ten gallons of water every day. In hotter climates—and depending on activity—that requirement may increase. Horses need plenty of fresh, clean water to regulate their temperature and keep their digestive systems working properly.


Trust automatic horse waterers from Nelson Manufacturing to keep your horse hydrated. Our patented water valve maintains a constant supply of fresh drinking water while your horse drinks. The stainless steel bowl is easy to remove, clean, and sterilize. You’ll also love our optional water consumption indicator so you can keep tabs on how much water your horse is drinking.


In addition to water, hot temperatures require more vigilance when it comes to your horse’s food. In summer months, consider switching your horse to a higher fat diet. Why? Fat is easily absorbed and metabolized, requiring less metabolic heat. In contrast, protein generates more metabolic heat. Hot temperatures can also destroy the integrity of your horse’s feed. Check for flies and mold and regularly clean troughs and buckets.


Once your horse is drinking plenty of fluids and eating clean food, don’t forget to protect his skin in the hot summer months. Did you know your horse can get a sunburn? Keep a supply of sun screen in your barn to apply to your horse. Like pale skin in humans, horses with white markings are more prone to sun damage. To further protect your horse’s skin, schedule work and rides in the morning and early evenings when the sun’s rays are least harmful.


Final horse care tip, to keep your horse healthy, plan to curtail his activity when it’s especially hot. Dehydration is a serious issue. A good rule of thumb is to turn out your horse for four hours or less in bright sunlight. Check your horse for signs of dehydration by pinching his skin. Like a human, if the skin pings back into place, your horse probably is getting enough to drink. However, if the skin is slow to move, he is taking frequent shallow breaths, or his gums are pale, your animal may be dehydrated.


Take quick action to protect your horse. You can offer your horse water—preferably with a bit of salt and glucose added—and then hose him down. If your horse is not responding to these treatments, contact your veterinarian. Dehydration can result in the thumps or serious illness.


We hope these tips will help your horse have a safe and healthy summer. Contact Nelson Manufacturing for all your automatic waterer needs.

Automatic Dog Waterer: Keeping Your K-9 Hydrated

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.


Your dog is back at his bowl lapping up more water. Most dogs require an ounce of water per pound of body weight every day, according to WebMD.


Depending on his or her activity level and the outside temperature, the amount of water may vary. Also, dogs fed canned food—which is comprised of up to 80 percent water—may need less water than dogs who eat dry food.


Water is critical to your dog’s health.


It helps move and carry nutrients in and out of cells in the body. It lubricates joints, aids in digestion, and helps your dog maintain a normal body temperature.


You’re a conscientious pet owner, so you always check your dog’s water bowl throughout the day. But what if you have multiple dogs? What if you run a shelter or veterinary clinic or on a farm? Checking on your dogs’ water supply becomes much more difficult and time consuming.


Nelson Manufacturing has the ideal solution for your dogs that will bring you peace of mind. Our automatic dog waterer is perfect for homes, humane societies, zoos, and many other places.


The Model 1200 dog waterer is made from stainless steel and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Best of all, the bowl will never be empty.


That’s because a float actuated valve fills the water as your dogs drink. This float valve saves you time and money. No more worrying about whether your dogs have enough water. You can go about your daily activities knowing your beloved animals will stay hydrated.


Installing the automatic dog waterer is a breeze. With our optional garden hose adapter, you can hook the bowl up directly to an outside spigot. We also offer mounting brackets for kennel fence poles. Used inside, you’ll appreciate the ease of installation using our stainless steel wall mounting plate and pre-drilled holes.


When it’s time to clean or sterilize your stainless steel waterer, use our simple patented latch release to remove the bowl. It’s really that easy.

dog waterer










If you have hunting dogs or your dogs are outside in cold weather, you’ll appreciate our dog water bucket heater. Forget about breaking up ice. You can use it in all types of containers, including rubber, plastic, and metal. Waterproof and sealed in epoxy, the electric heater keeps water temperatures between 40-50 °F and is guaranteed to last three years.


At Nelson Manufacturing, we know how much our clients love their dogs. It’s our honor to help you care for them. All our products are manufactured and tested under strict quality control standards. We represent old-fashioned honesty, ethics and craftsmanship. Contact us today to see how we can simplify your life.

Livestock Waterer Guide: Finding the Right Fit

Livestock Waterer Guide, automatic livestock waterer

Did you know the average dairy cow needs at least 20 gallons of water every day? A cow-calf pair requires about 15 gallons each day, according Oregon State University Extension Office.


Suffice it to say, that is critical for livestock.


At Nelson Manufacturing, we offer a wide variety of waterers for all livestock. We know it can be difficult to provide enough water for all your livestock, our high-quality livestock waterers solve that problem and save you time and money.


We have four different models to fit your needs. The models start with the 300 series, then we have the 700 series for customers who have greater needs.


Most people think that an automatic waterer can’t handle a herd of livestock. However, as the chart below shows, our waterers ensure your livestock remain hydrated.

livestock waterer chart, automatic livestock waterer








Another advantage? You no longer have to haul buckets of water or fill the water troughs. Saving time saves you money because your time is valuable.


When thinking about how you can make the most of your waterer, here are a couple things to think about before installation:


1. What’s the best location for my waterer?

When strategizing on where to put your livestock waterer, think about where you can put it to reach the most animals. This could mean putting it in between two pasture

2. How should I mount my waterer?

Think about the livestock using the waterers and what height is the best for them. You can pour a concrete slab, and put the waterer in the slab or mount it in the bell end of a concrete sewer pipe. Installing the waterer this way makes it indestructible. Another option is to install the waterer between the fence line. The last option is to install the waterer in between stalls.

3. Do my waterer need protection from freezing water?

Depending on your climate, the waterline has a chance of freezing. To protect against frozen drinking water, install water insulation, the insulation consists of urethane foam molded around a 3” diameter pipe. The energy efficient heater provides protection against water freeze up.

4. How do I clean my waterer?

Nelson Automatic Waterers are convenient to clean. In fact, you can clean one in 30 seconds. No need for any tools, the bowl comes rights out and you can just wipe it down and put the bowl back.

5. Do you offer any type of warranty?

Nelson Manufacturing offers a one year warranty for all waterers, and a three year warranty for all heaters and thermostats. Upon the arrival of the waterer we will inspect it to see if the problem can be fixed or if it would be best to replace the waterer with a brand new one.

6. How can I monitor how much my livestock are drinking?

For our 700 Series Waterers you can add a water consumption indicator that lets you know when your livestock aren’t drinking enough water. The indicator can be up to 300 feet away from the waterer.

If you have any questions about our waterers or what model would be best for you, visit our website for more information.


Phone us to talk to one our friendly representatives or to request a free quote.

The Importance of Nutrients and Water for Your Horse

nutrients and water, importance of nutrients and waterAs a horse owner, you take good care of your animal. But did you know you may be overlooking one critical part of your horse’s diet? It’s nutrients and water consumption. They go together hand in hand.


At Nelson Manufacturing, our goal is to help you raise healthy horses.


Why is sodium so important and what does it do for a horse’s body?


A full 66 percent of horses don’t get enough sodium in their diet.


One major reason that sodium is crucial to your horse’s diet is because it transports nutrients across the body. These nutrients include glucose, amino acids, and other nutrients that cannot cross the membrane.


As one of the major electrolytes, your horse really needs sodium in his diet. Don’t set out a salt block; salt blocks are most commonly used for cattle. Cows have strong tongues and salt blocks are rough. Salt blocks can prevent your horse from licking because they cut your horse’s more tender tongue.


Instead, to ensure your horse receives enough sodium, set out a bucket of loose salt in the corner of the stall or hang it under a shelter in the pasture. Horses can consume as much salt as necessary this way. You can also add loose salt to their feed. Adding extra salt to their feed is probably the best option because laying loose salt out can lead to easy spoiling of the salt when it gets wet.


Your horse should be getting two tablespoons of sodium per day. The amount of sodium can increase based on their work level every day. For example, if they worked really hard one day, they will need more sodium in their diet.


The following are a few signs of sodium deficiency:


  • Unusual licking of random objects (in search of sodium)
  • Decreased water intake
  • Slower eating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive yawning
  • Difficulty walking down hill or backing up


In addition to sodium, your horse needs plenty of potassium. Did you know that as the seasons change, so too do the nutrients in the grass? Potassium in grass increases during cooler weather, while sodium, calcium, and magnesium decrease.


One solution? Offer minerals at all times. Horses know if they need salt in their diet and will freely choose the sodium.


Horses need at least double the amount of potassium as sodium. Potassium helps regulate your horse’s body and blood fluids. If your horse has too much potassium in their diet, they will get rid of it by excreting it from their body. Salt is important to their diet because it makes them drink more water, making it easier for them to excrete the excess potassium.


To ensure that your horse is getting enough water, purchase a Nelson Automatic Waterer. Our waterers measure the water intake of your horse, so you can be assured that your horse is getting all the proper nutrients.


Your horse will devour molasses sweetened salt blocks like candy. Although this may sound great, just like humans, your horse’s eyes can be bigger than its stomach. Horses are prone to biting off bigger chunks than they can swallow, making it easy for them to choke on these chunks.


Contact Nelson Manufacturing for all your equine dietary questions. We know that water is equally important to a horse’s health.Did you know that our 730 series model can accommodate up to 12 horses, and measure their water intake? If you are planning on putting salt in your horses’s feed, we can ensure your horse is getting enough nutrients and water. Use a combo of our automatic feeder and waterer to make your life easier.

The Importance of Water Quality for Livestock and Horses

The Importance of Water Quality for Livestock and Horses

Water is critical for life.

The average human body is made up of more than 60 percent water. We drink to replenish our fluid balance and maintain homeostasis. We drink to prevent dehydration. We drink to regulate our temperature and stay healthy.

Horses and livestock are no different, except they count on us for their care. Up to three quarter’s of a horses body is comprised of water; water accounts for up to 80 percent of cattle weight.

As a farmer and rancher, you know the importance of keeping your animals watered. Nelson’s Automatic Waterers make this task simple and straightforward.

With eight different models, our aluminum and stainless steel waterers are thermostatically controlled. And you’ll appreciate that they can be mounted three different ways: to a concrete pad or in a concrete pipe for the pasture or directly to your animal’s stall wall. You can also add an optional consumption indicator to track your animal’s water intake.

Animals can be finicky and it’s important you offer them plenty of fresh and clean drinking water. On average, a horse needs between 8-10 gallons of drinking water each day. And remember: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Many horses, for example, won’t drink water if it’s filled with debris or particles. That’s where our automatic waterers come into play.

Our patented water valve provides a constant stream of fresh water, free of bacteria and algae. Our drinking bowls are made of stainless steel for easy removal, cleaning, and disinfection. And our optional heater will maintain the perfect drinking water temperature — most animals prefer temps ranging from 45-65°F — even during the coldest, most frigid winter months.

Are you ensuring the water quality for livestock and horses is optimal at your farm or stable? For more information on Nelson Automatic Horse and Livestock Waterers request a quote.


6 Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy This Winter

Attentiveness to your horse’s health is just as crucial or more during the cold, winter season. The following tips can help keep your horse healthy all winter long.


Increase Food as Temperatures Decrease

Horses generate body heat through digestive activity, so it is especially important to provide your horse with the proper amount of calories. Feeding your horse hay and other forage is a great way to keep them warm by encouraging digestive activity.


Exercise Without Over Riding an Out of Shape Horse

If your horse has fallen out of shape due to lack of exercise during cold weather, avoid over exercising your horse when the weather is warm enough for riding. Be sure your horse continues to get adequate exercise, regardless of the weather, so they maintain proper health during the winter months.


Avoid Over Blanketing

Horses have the natural ability to keep themselves warm so long as they have adequate shelter from the elements and proper nutrition.   Because of this, blanketing is an additional option that should be considered carefully.

Blankets can actually be more harmful as they compress the horse’s coat layers, in turn compressing the coats natural ability to keep the horse warm and decreasing natural coat growth. Horses in climates that remain above 10 degrees F can keep warm without the need for a blanket.


Continue Regular Grooming  

Continue practicing regular grooming throughout the winter months to ensure your horse’s coat and skin is healthy. Daily grooming also provides you with important one-on-one time with your horse.


Always Remain Attentive to Your Horse

Neglecting your horse during the winter months due to cold weather or a busy holiday schedule can place stress on your horse. For optimal health, continue to provide your horse adequate attention during the winter as you would any other time of the year.


Keep Warm, Clean Water Available

Your horse cannot stay hydrated if the water trough is constantly frozen. It’s important to check your horse’s water frequently to ensure it is not frozen and that they are actually drinking.

An automatic horse waterer from Nelson Manufacturing is a great way to ensure your horse had proper access to fresh, warm water all winter long. View automatic horse waterers from Nelson Manufacturing here.