Accessories For Nelson Waterers and Feeders

NEW multi-functional Water Consumption Meter works with all Nelson 700 Series Waterers.

730-10W Series Waterer and Series 540se Horse Feeder mounted in stall.

Water consumed by your horse from their Nelson Waterer is displayed in gallons. Press button and elapsed time are displayed in hours and minutes. The meter informs you how much water your horse has drunk over a period of time. Meter also communicates other useful information (see below). Sensor installs inside waterer and connects to display by a 25 foot extension cable. Meter is powered by two, long-life AA alkaline batteries. Display can be located up to 300 feet of waterer being monitored.

Stainless Steel PVC Pipe Cover Model ACC. 1064

Beautifies the waterline leading into Nelson 700 Series wall mount models. Made from 20 gauge stainless steel and 4′ feet in length.¬†Designed to locate over 6″ SCH. 40 pvc pipe (PVC pipe can be purchased locally).

Waterline Insulation, Model ACC. 1004

Ensures maximum protection against waterline freeze-up. The insulation consists of a 4″ x 5.9″ diameter section of urethane foam molded around a 3″ diameter PVC pipe. If using insulation with wall mount model, cover insulation with 6″ SCH. 40 PVC pipe (PVC pipe can be purchased locally).

Energy-Saving Thermal Caps For Waterers Not in Use – 730 MOdel ACC. TC730 & 760 Model ACC. TC760

Fits All 700 Series Waterers
Stainless Steel with Urethane Insulation Underside
Saves Energy
Helps Keep Waterer Clean

Back-to-Back Plumbing Kit, Model ACC. 1073

Lets one water line feed two waterers. Consists of fabricated copper tubing and brass fittings for back-to-back, through up to 8″ walls, installation of Model 730-10W wall mounted waterers.

Freeze Protection Kit, Model ACC. 1033

Protects water reservoir from power outage freeze damage. For use in Nelson 300 Series Automatic Waterers. Locates in lower plastic bowl.

Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Model ACC. 1010J

Stainless Steel J-Bolts for 700 Series and 300 Series freestanding models mounted on concrete pad, includes nuts and bolts.

Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Model ACC. 1010W

Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts for 700 Series wall mount waterers and 500 Series horse feeders, includes nuts and washers.

Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Model ACC. 1010BB

Stainless Steel Head Bolts for two 730-10Ws or 760-10Ws horse waterers mounted back-to-back.

Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Model ACC. 1040

Stainless Steel Bolts with zinc plated sleeves for mounting the 400 Series feeder to wall, includes washers, and bolts.