400 Series Horse Feeders

Series 400 Horse Feeders are durable horse feeding solution from Nelson Manufacturing Company, a world leader in automatic horse and livestock watering equipment since 1949.

Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction lasts for years and looks nice. Unlike painted feeders that chip and rust or plastic feeders that break and shatter.

Series 400 Horse Feeders mount on stall walls, most swing-out feeder doors and outside on pasture fences.

A large 11-quart feed bowl is designed to allow horses of all sizes to eat comfortably.

Easy to clean. Simply remove the rubber stopper from hole at bottom of feeder and wash clean.

A smooth, round animal friendly design – no sharp edges or jutting corners.

A feed retention lip on top rim of feeder helps minimize feed waste caused by sweeping.

Easy installation. Simply bolt on wall or fence. Installation takes just a few minutes.

Nelson 400 Series Horse Feeders are fully warranted for one year.