The Importance of Water Quality for Livestock and Horses

Water quality is important to livestock and horses. Water is critical for life and health. We drink to replenish our fluid balance and maintain homeostasis and prevent dehydration. Water also helps us regulate our temperature and stay healthy.

Horses and livestock are no different, except they count on us for their care.  As a farmer and rancher, you know the importance of keeping your animals watered. Nelson’s Automatic Waterers make this task simple and straightforward.

With eight different models, our aluminum and stainless steel waterers are thermostatically controlled. And you’ll appreciate that they can be mounted three different ways: to a concrete pad or in a concrete pipe for the pasture or directly to your animal’s stall wall. You can also add an optional consumption indicator to track your animal’s water intake.

Animals can be finicky and it’s important you offer them plenty of fresh and clean drinking water. On average, a horse needs between 8-10 gallons of drinking water each day. And remember: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Many horses, for example, won’t drink water if it’s filled with debris or particles. That’s where our automatic waterers come into play.

Our patented water valve provides a constant stream of fresh water, free of bacteria and algae. Our drinking bowls are made of stainless steel for easy removal, cleaning, and disinfection. And our optional heater will maintain the perfect drinking water temperature — most animals prefer temps ranging from 45-65°F — even during the coldest, most frigid winter months.

Are you ensuring the water quality for livestock and horses is optimal at your farm or stable? For more information on Nelson Automatic Horse and Livestock Waterers request a quote.