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Pre-Winter Inspection – Nelson 700 Series Automatic Waterers

The purpose of the premature inspection is to minimize the chance for a problem occurring during the cold winter. Inspection should be done before the first frost, usually in September or October. Start with the cover and drinking bowl removed. Inspect the internal components, the cross beams screws must be tight. The counterweight must be securely mounted on the pivot beam.

Next examine the brass pivot shaft. If the Qatar key is missing and the brass pivot shaft has come out of position. Reposition the shaft and replace the key. Remove any debris around the crossbeam. Mice have been known to build nests in this area. Examine the heating system, verify that the water has pow-er by checking the circuit. Test the heater and thermostat as described later in this video.

Examine the outside the waterer. Waterer should be securely mounted to its base in setting level. Exam-ine the housing for air gaps. Air gaps can lead to water line freeze up and inefficient energy consump-tion. Freestanding models mounted on a concrete base can have air gaps between the housing in the base. Models mounted to the wall can have their gaps underneath where the waterline comes into the water and in the back where the water mounts against the wall.

Seal air gaps by caulking with an all-weather sealant or other non-combustible material. Now you can replace the drinking bowl and unlock the beam lock lever and lock on the cover. Observe water refilling in the drinking bowl. Note the rate of water flow into the drinking bowl. If the rate of flow is de-creased overtime, it may be an indication that the filter needs cleaning. If the water does not completely shut off and drips, the control valve may also need to be cleaned. Be sure to view the next section titled Dripping in Overflow.