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Nelson 700 Series (All Models 700 & 760) Horse & Livestock Waterers

How Nelson Waterers Work – 700 Series Automatic Waterers

I’m going to give a brief explanation how the Nelson 700 Series Waterers work. This is a demonstrator unit. As you can see there is no cover on the demonstrator and an internal components have been elevated above the housing for the purpose of the demonstration.

I’m going to scoop water from the drinking bowl as an animal would when they drink. As the animal drink from the bowl there is less weight in the drinking bowl, eventually the lead counterweight causes the beam to pivot which opens the valve. Water refills the drinking bowl. When the drinking bowl be-comes heavy enough with water the beam returns to its balance position. Pivoting of the valve and shuts off. The weight of the water in the drinking bowl opens and closes this valve. There are no float valves or pedal valves to cause problems.

All Nelson 700 Series are available with or without heaters. The optional heater is located below the crossbeam underneath the drinking bowl where will heat the air that’s round for drinking bowl. The heater is thermostatically controlled and it’s designed a cycle meaning that it automatically turns on and shuts off if necessary. The thermostat is attached to the electrical junction box. It is preset at the factory and does not require adjustment. Nel-son 700 Series Waterers with heaters are UL listed and CSA approved.

The Nelson 700 Series line of automatic waterers include several models. Shorter 10 inch tall models are designed to mount on a concrete pad or in a standard size con-crete sewer pipe. Taller 24 inch models are designed to mount on a concrete path. Wall mount models bolt directly to the wall. The model number of your water is stamped on the nameplate located on the housing. It is helpful to have the model number available when calling for customer service.