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Nelson 700 Series (All Models 700 & 760) Horse & Livestock Waterers

Cleaning Water Filter – Nelson 700 Series Automatic Waterers

The inline water filter is a standard feature of Nelson 700 Series Waterers. The filter is located in the copper tubing on the water supply hose where the hose connects to the brass shut off valve. It’s the size and shape of a small pencil. The filter prevents sediments in the water for impeding controlled valve. If the control valve contains sand or other sediments, it may not seal properly. Therefore the water may not shut off completely and drip.

The filter needs to be cleaned when the rate of flow into the drinking bowl slows down. This is com-mon after the waterers are first installed because the water lines may not have been flushed long enough prior to hook up. If your waterer fails to shut off completely and drips. There may be a tear in the filter and sediment has passed through to the controller valve. For more information be sure to view the drip-ping in overflow section of this video. If there’s a lot of sediment in your water, it is advisable to install a large cold water filter on the main water line. I’m going to demonstrate removing and cleaning a wa-ter filter using the Nelson demonstrator unit.

You will need a crescent wrench to disconnect the fittings. You will also need needle nose pliers or pocket knife to remove the filter. Before accessing the filter, shut off the electric power to the waterer and you will need the cover drinking bowl removed. Next shut the water supply off but closing the brass shut off valve. Use a crescent wrench to loosen up the flare nut which secures the water supply hose to the brass shut off valve.

When this is completed take the needle nose pliers or pocket knife to remove the filter from the inlet tube. Cleaning the filter is easy. Roll the filter between your thumb and index finger under running wa-ter. Visually inspect the filter for tears or holes and replace the filter if damaged. The filters are inex-pensive to replace. With the clean filter in-place, tighten the flare nut. Open the water supply. Replace the drinking bowl and unlock the mark lever to resume operations.