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Nelson 700 Series (All Models 700 & 760) Horse & Livestock Waterers

Cleaning Drinking Bowl – Nelson 700 Series Automatic Waterers

If possible clean the drinking bowl daily. It’s easy and your animals will appreciate it. Simply remove the cover by pushing down on the brass button in front of the housing and rotating the cover counter-clockwise.

Then lift the cover off. To remove the cover of this model 730-10W, which is a wall-mounted model. Push sideways on the brass latch button left the front end of the cover and pull forward. Next block the pivot beam with the beam lock leaver to close the valve. Then left the drinking bowl out of the cage empty the bowl and wipe the bowl with a cloth. A nice feature about the Nelson 700 Services Waterer is that you can empty and clean the drinking bowl away from the waterer.

Over an extended period of time mineral deposits can form on the stainless steel bowl. To remove min-eral deposits, soak the drinking bowl for 24 hours in a solution consisting of fifty percent white vinegar and fifty percent water. The mineral deposit should then easily wipe away.

Replace a drinking bowl in the cage and unlock the pivot beam with the beam lock leaver. Water should refill the drinking bowl. Next replace the cover by rotating clockwise until the cover locks. For model number 730-10W slide the back end of the cover in place and then lock the front and down. Make cer-tain the bowl properly fills with water before leaving the water.