Part 785HA – Complete Heater Assembly (325 watts, 120 volts) for ALL waterer Models 760… Assembly includes parts 785C, 756, 758, 789, 753 & 752. Verify Nelson waterer model before ordering part.



WARNING: This part is often ordered in error.  Part# 785HA is for waterer Models 760…  It is often mistaken for Part# 755HA, which is for waterer Models 730…  If the wrong heater assembly is ordered, it will NOT work.  Please verify your Nelson waterer model before ordering.  See below.

How to find out Nelson waterer model number:

  1. Examine the rectangular nameplate that’s located on the outside front of the Nelson waterer. The waterer model number is stamped on nameplate (see above photo).
  2. Phone Nelson to find out your farm’s purchase history. Nelson’s support team will review your records to identify the waterer models on your farm.  They will also be happy to assist you in placing your parts order.  Phone: 1-888-944-6606, Mon.- Fri., 8:00 am – 4:30 pm CST.
  3. Measure heating element part that is being replaced.  Measure from rubber to heating element tip (see above photo).