Models and Specification for 300 Series Automatic Livestock Waterers

Free Standing 300 Series
Model 300-8 300-24
Housing Material* Aluminum or Stainless Steel Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Height 9" 25"
Capacity See chart See chart
Diameter 13" 13"
Optional Immersion Heater** 120 VAC, 200 Watt, 1.7 Amp 120 VAC, 200 Watt, 1.7 Amp

*Housing Material: Your choice of high strength, 0.105" thick 304 stainless steel or aircraft grade, 0.125" thick 6061 aluminum.

**Optional Heater: Fully insulated immersion type heater. 2-wire with ground connection. Thermostat and waterer housing insulation included.

Mounting Options

Pour a concrete pad for smaller animals or
mount in the bell end of a concrete sewer pipe.

Bolt to a poured concrete pad to water taller animals.

Large 13" bowl serves more livestocks and is well suited for fence line installations.

Ideal for between-the-stall installation.