Livestock Waterer Guide: Finding the Right Fit

Need help selecting the right automatic horse waterer?

Are you looking for a highly efficient livestock waterer? Like humans, livestock needs proper amounts of water daily. The quantity of water your livestock needs vary with the age, type, production cycle, and size.

Benefits of Livestock Waterer

At Nelson Manufacturing, we offer a wide variety of waterers for all livestock. We know it can be difficult to provide enough water for all your livestock, our high-quality livestock waterers solve that problem and save you time and money.

We have four different models to fit your needs. The models start with the 300 series, then we have the 700 series for customers who have greater needs.

See the chart below. Our waterers ensure your livestock remain hydrated.

Animals / WaterersModel 730 Model 760Model 300-24
Cattle on pasture253025
Cattle in confinement608060

With an automatic livestock waterer, you no longer have to haul buckets of water. You can save time and effort with our automatic waterer.

Guide Before Installing Your Automatic Waterer

  1. What’s the best location for my waterer?
    Waterers should be strategically placed somewhere visible and near a fence line. 
  2. How should I mount my waterer?
    Think about the livestock using the waterers and what height is the best for them. You can pour a concrete slab, and put the waterer in the slab or mount it in the bell end of a concrete sewer pipe. Another option is to install the waterer between the fence line or install the waterer in between stalls.
  3. Do my waterer need protection from freezing water?
    Depending on your climate, the waterline has a chance of freezing. To protect against frozen drinking water, install water insulation, the insulation consists of urethane foam molded around a 3” diameter pipe. The energy efficient heater provides protection against water freeze up.
  4. How do I clean my waterer?
    Nelson Automatic Waterers are convenient to clean. No need for any tools, the bowl comes rights out and you can just wipe it down and put the bowl back.
  5. Do you offer any type of warranty?
    Nelson Manufacturing offers a one year warranty for all waterers, and a three year warranty for all heaters and thermostats. Upon the arrival of the waterer we will inspect it to see if the problem can be fixed or if it would be best to replace the waterer with a brand new one.
  6. How can I monitor how much my livestock are drinking?
    For our 700 Series Waterers you can add a water consumption indicator. The indicator can be up to 300 feet away from the waterer.

If you have any questions about our waterers or what model would be best for you, visit our website for more information.

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