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Reduce the Risk of Colic in Horses with Healthy Feeding Practices

Colic, described as abdominal pain, is a common, serious health risk for horses and in severe cases can even lead to death. Contributing factors that increase the risk of colic include sudden changes in feed and quality, lack of water and the ingestion of certain parasites among others. Keep your food and water sources clean and in reasonable quantity (factoring in seasonal climate changes) and maintain a regular deworming program to help prevent the growth of parasites in your horse’s system.

As a horse owner, there are actions you can take to help minimize the risk of colic in your horses. According to an article by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture,  there are 7 practical tips to reduce the incidence of colic. We’ve shared their findings below :

1.  Do not overgraze pastures and paddocks.
2.  Provide a  clean, adequate and abundant source of fresh water daily.
3.  Feed on a regular schedule from day to day.
4.  Check and remove moldy, spoiled grain or hay.
5.  Provide adequate long stem roughage in the diet.
6.  Keep stalls and paddock areas free from foreign objects that the horse might ingest.
7.  Put all horses on a regular, properly designed deworming program. (This one is imperative!)

Read the full article on Colic in Horses.

A clean eating surface is key element to keeping your horse healthy. Plastic horse feeders get scratched, trapping dirt and harmful bacteria. Painted steel feeders chip and rust, also making them very difficult to clean and sterilize.  A Nelson wall-mounted horse feeder is an excellent solution to keep your horse’s food cleaner and off the ground, and the stainless steel feed bowl removes from horse feeder for easy cleaning and disinfecting.  To ensure your horse is receiving an adequate and abundant supply of fresh water, consider Nelson’s automatic horse waterer.

Your horse’s health is important. Keep them healthy by adopting good feeding practices to minimize the risk of colic and other health problems. Happy feeding!