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Are Electric-Heated Automatic Waterers Safe?

Automatic Horse WatererAutomatic waterers with electric heaters have been widely used throughout the livestock industry for many decades. They are considered much more reliable in freezing temperatures than waterers that utilize a paddle and function like a hydrant or waterers that use only geothermal heat (energy-free). It is important to follow manufacturer’s installation instructions and to use a licensed electrician to install and maintain the waterer so that you can be assured that you have complied with all national and local electrical codes.

There are waterers with electric heaters that are tested by product safety agencies. The two main product safety agencies are UL and the CSA. These agencies test finished products and components according to specific standards. Agency personnel regularly visit manufacturer locations unannounced to verify compliance. Automatic waterers that comply with the agency’s standards have the agency’s mark on the product. If there are compliance problems, manufacturers are forced to remove the agency’s mark on the product until compliance is met. The only automatic waterers with electric heaters currently on the market that are both UL Listed and CSA Approved are Nelson’s 700 Series waterers for stall and pasture.