11 Reasons Your Dog Needs an Automatic Waterer

Did you know that:

A dog’s body is made up of nearly 80 percent water?
A dog should drink at least an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day?
Water aids in digestion, eliminates waste and toxins, and helps regulate your dog’s core temperature?
Dogs need constant access to water?
Dehydration of 10 percent or more can lead to severe health concerns?

As a conscientious dog owner, you know it’s critical to provide plenty of fresh water at all times. Nelson Manufacturing makes it easy for you to take care of your animals with our automatic dog waterer. If you’ve ever noticed an empty bowl, contaminated water, or frozen water, our waterer is an ideal choice for you and your canines.

Our high-quality 304 grade stainless steel bowls are designed to give you peace of mind and to provide for your dog’s health. Durable, chew proof, and long lasting, you’ll appreciate our high-grade products.

Following are eleven great reasons to buy a dog waterer from Nelson Manufacturing. Our products:

  1. Provide a constant, steady stream of clear running water. Animals prefer running water and actively seek it out. Our elegant design uses a float actuated valve to ensure that your dog never runs out of water. Whether you have a house dog, several outdoor dogs, or run a shelter or a zoo, our automatic dog waterers make your life easier and save you time. You won’t ever have to worry about your beloved animals being thirsty. And because the water is always running, it’s always fresh and pure.
  2. Reduce the formation of bacteria. If you’ve ever seen a dish full of stagnant water, you know that dogs are ingesting bacteria each time they come to drink. Serratia marcescens is one such culprit. This pinkish pathogen forms from spores in the air. Unless you wash your dog’s bowl faithfully every day, you’re sure to notice this Gram-negative bacterium that sickens animals. Our dog waterers keep the water moving to prevent the build-up of bacteria. While you’ll still have to clean the bowls, daily scrub-downs are not necessary, saving you time, money, and stress.
  3. Prevent dog hijinks. Dogs are wonderful, but they’re also sometimes wacky and goofy. Does your dog stand in his or her water dish? Does she dig and root around in the water bowl? Or does she chew or play with her dish? Our high-grade aluminum waterers can be mounted up and out of the way of curious canines. No more spilled water; no more tipped bowls.
  4. Install easily. With pre-drilled holes and stainless steel wall plates, you can mount your dog waterer on the wall or on a fence. You may also wish to consider our optional garden hose adapter and kennel fence pole mounting brackets. Our goal is to simplify your life and protect your dog’s health. We believe all these installation options meet that goal.
  5. Provide flexible design. Just as they’re easy to install, our dog waterers also allow you to hook up the water supply on the left or the right side. No need to pay expensive plumbing bills. You choose the location for the waterer; you call the shots.
  6. Clean quickly and easily. Nelson has patented a unique latch release system. This allows you to quickly remove the automatic waterer for quick cleaning and sterilization. Simply shut off the brass valve, remove the bowl, clean it, and easily reattach it. (The photo below depicts the ease of cleaning the Nelson Automatic Waterer)

  7. Prevent water from freezing. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the water temperature in your dog’s automatic watering bowl. A dog cannot drink frozen water. That’s why you’ll love our beautifully designed water bucket heater. We’re so sure of its quality, we guarantee it for a full three years. It prevents freezing, even in subzero temperatures, keeping the water between 40-50 degrees at all times. You can use it in all types of containers, including rubber, plastic, and metal. And it’s economical to operate. The thermostatically controlled heater costs just pennies a day to run. It’s also safe for your animal. A security chain keeps it up and away from you dog and copper tubing prevents your animal from gnawing it or destroying it.
  8. Include optional accessories. Choose from water-line shut-off valves, pole mounting brackets, and garden hose adaptors to customize where and how you install your dog waterer.
  9. Guarantee satisfaction for one year. The Nelson Model 1200 automatic waterer is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and/or materials for a full 12 months. What does this mean for you? We will repair or, replace without charge, any parts found defective upon examination at the factory if returned within the guarantee period, with transportation charges prepaid.
  10. Include outstanding sales and support service. Our professional staff is committed to you for as long as you own a Nelson product. Our relationship begins with the sale, but lasts for a lifetime.
  11. Comply with USDA standards and U.S. Government approved non-siphoning designs. We are proud of our craftsmanship and pleased our products meet stringent standards. You won’t find this type of quality at your local pet or animal supply store. Trust Nelson Manufacturing for the highest quality products.

Now that you’re got your dog’s water needs licked, you can concentrate on his or her feeding requirements.

Like our automatic waterers, our dog feeders are constructed from durable 304 grade stainless steel. The rugged design is built to last and is virtually indestructible . . . even for the friskiest and most mischievous of canines. These feeders are the perfect companion to our automatic waterers. (Pictured below is our automatic waterer and feeder combination)

You can mount our dog feeder to the wall or a fence post. With this off-the-floor design, your dog can easily access his or her food, but cannot move the bowl or tip it over. This saves you cleanup time and gives you the satisfaction of knowing the food will remain in the feeder.

As with all our products, Nelson’s dog feeder is a snap to clean. Simply detach it from the wall, clean it, and return it to its place. What could be simpler?

Since 1949, Nelson Manufacturing has designed and manufactured high-quality products to enhance animal health. As an animal caregiver, our line of durable waterers, feeders, and heaters gives you long lasting, trouble-free operation. We’re rightly proud of our reputation and our craftsmanship. Please contact Nelson today for all your animal care needs.